What do 80+ Marketing Pros Have in Common?

Artist… storyteller… strategist… subject matter expert. Our leaders, creatives, and program professionals have many backgrounds, myriad client experiences—and a shared passion:  Working with you to transform challenge to opportunity and opportunity to success.

Our Culture

Learn who and what’s behind the name

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Meet The Team

Robert W. Sprague

  • President & CEO

Jeb Brown

  • Chairman

Edith M. Bullard

  • SVP Marketing

Joanne Connelly

  • Founder, ConnellyWorks

Josh Golden

  • VP Senior Creative Director

Layla Masri

  • VP Digital Innovation

Carmel McDonagh

  • VP Account Services

Veronica Oleynik

  • VP Account Management: Government

Mike Smith

  • SVP Public Relations

Romie Stefanelli

  • VP Project Management

Andrew Teie

  • VP Brand Strategy & Customer Experience

Fabrizio Aguirre

  • HR Generalist

Jennifer Anderson

  • Senior Account Manager

Victoria Angeles

  • Controller

Jacqui Balogh

  • Account Manager

Sasha Beil

  • Senior Account Manager

Karin Beswick

  • Events Manager

Howard Bomstein

  • VP Business Development

Helen Bour

  • Accounting Manager

Caitlin Bowman

  • PR Account Coordinator

Collin Brideau

  • Graphic Designer

Kyle Butler

  • Jr. Designer

Giuseppe Carabelli

  • Associate Creative Director

Oz Coruhlu

  • Director of UI/UX

Lisa Daniel

  • Senior Writer/Strategist

Reginald Dean

  • Accounting Clerk

Brian Domenici

  • Art Director

E.V. Dundon

  • Account Coordinator

Tara Fish

  • Event Coordinator

Lindsay Gowens

  • Event Coordinator

AJ Guenther

  • Director of Public Relations

Kate Jarboe

  • Office Manager

Jo Joslin

  • Digital Marketing Strategist

Mike Kim

  • Director of Video Production

Lacy Kline

  • Director of Operations

Linda Lam

  • Associate Creative Director

Hillary Leersnyder

  • Customer Experience Strategist

Kay Logan

  • Account Manager

Pam Long

  • Senior Account Manager

Sarah Luzietti

  • Content Manager

Anna-Marie Montague

  • Senior Writer/Strategist

Erica Nash-Thomas

  • Writer/Strategist

Ugur Ozkardesler

  • Director of Motion Graphics

Mark Pedersen

  • Director of Marketing Strategy

Vincent Penge

  • Account Manager

Elizabeth Pittman

  • Account Manager

Sara Rassi

  • Director of Account Services

Elizabeth Richards

  • Event Manager

Tre Rosser

  • Account Manager

Austin Smokowicz

  • Post Supervisor

Torre Sossaman

  • Account Manager

Jamie Spencer

  • Art Director

Alfred Warren

  • PR Account Executive

Vanj Weber

  • Senior Designer

Jason Werden

  • PR Manager

Rutrell Yasin

  • Writer/Strategist