What do 80+ Marketing Pros Have in Common?

Artist… storyteller… strategist… subject matter expert. Our leaders, creatives, and program professionals have many backgrounds, myriad client experiences—and a shared passion:  Working with you to transform challenge to opportunity and opportunity to success.

Our Culture

Learn who and what’s behind the name

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Meet The Team

Robert W. Sprague

  • President & CEO

Jeb Brown

  • Chairman & COO

Claudia Barac-Roth

  • VP & Associate Creative Director

Debbie Bates-Schrott

  • Senior VP

Sasha Beil

  • VP, Account Management

Tracy Betts

  • SVP, Digital Innovation

Andy Blenkle

  • SVP, Public Sector

Beth Constantine

  • VP Account Management

Stacey DeOrzio

  • VP, Account Management

Mark DeVito

  • Chief Strategy Officer

Nikki Francois

  • VP Account Management

Josh Golden

  • SVP & Senior Creative Director

A.J. Guenther

  • VP Public Relations

Lacy Kline

  • VP, Human Resources and Operations

Rynnel Laughlin

  • VP Account Management

Seth Levin

  • VP of Account Management

Molly Mark

  • VP Strategic Communications

Carmel McDonagh

  • SVP Account Management: B2G

Blanche Mitchell

  • VP, Compliance

Caitlin Moynihan

  • VP, Research and Analytics

Jeff Nowak

  • SVP, Head of Account Management

Veronica Oleynik

  • VP, Account Management: Government

Mark Pedersen

  • VP Marketing Strategy

Sara Rassi

  • VP Account Management

Scott Rieder

  • VP of Strategic Communications

Anthony Robinson

  • President of P'unk Ave

Sarah Ross

  • VP, Business Development

Miriam Segal

  • VP Account Management

Andrew Teie

  • VP Brand Strategy & Customer Experience

Jodie Warren

  • VP, Account Management