Reflecting Unified Strength and Mission Post-Merger

Biodiesel is America’s first “advanced” biofuel — clean, green and renewable fuel, most often blended with petroleum products and largely used commercially. It is, in fact, a key component to America’s diversified energy portfolio. Trouble is, very few people are aware of its use, much less how they themselves benefit from biodiesel. Thus, the challenge: making the public aware of the environmental, political and economic benefits of a product few ever see or use.

The National Biodiesel Board--the primary voice for the growers, researchers, and suppliers of biodiesel--needed to educate the population on the benefits of the sustainable fuel. Over seven years, Yes& has teamed with NBB to create targeted national and local campaigns.


The Benefits of More

NBB sought to create a grassroots, groundswell of support for biodiesel, through an educational campaign and, in support of that goal, we sought to capture the national zeitgeist.

Our research through focus groups revealed that the single biggest motivating factor for support of biodiesel was its benefits to the environment. And, people were eager to understand how biodiesel could actually impact their lives. If they can’t pump it in their cars, how does it help them? So, the 2016 campaign focused on the environmental benefits of using America’s Advanced Biofuels in our nation’s heavy-duty fleet vehicles.

More is Less

It’s more than a tagline – it’s a promise. The more Biodiesel we use in America’s heavy-duty fleets, the less carbon pollution we’ll have. Plain and simple. Telling that story began with a responsive and engaging website. A series of user stories shared on the site and through social media provided real-world examples of biodiesel’s impact on communities nationwide.

Still More More

In 2017, as the national dialogue shifted, so too did the campaign. We pivoted the Power of More to deliver just that: More Jobs. More than 64,000 jobs in research, agriculture, and distribution, leading to more innovation, more growth, and more production.

To illustrate this number, we visited a city whose population is just about the size of the biodiesel workforce, Frederick, Maryland. And its citizens had fun helping us make our point.


More Awareness. More Support.

The campaigns together have increased brand awareness and growing public recognition of biodiesel — as well as Addy awards for the 2014 and 2015 TV spots.