Impelling Action for Under-Appreciated Risks of the Road

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (USDOT FMSCA) partners with and regulates the commercial truck and bus industry.

Along with education and resources for industry, FMCSA strives to help the public take action to protect themselves.

Many drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists tend to treat commercial trucks and buses as though they are big cars. But commercial vehicles have huge blind spots, long stopping distances, and limited maneuverability -- posing risks for road users who don’t respect vehicle limitations. Sheer size and weight make crashes involving commercial vehicles more dangers for other vehicles involved.

FMCSA’s broadest consumer safety campaign was known as “Share the Road Safely.” Unfortunately, this was a name/slogan adopted by many other safety campaigns, which often focused on bicycle or motorcycle safety. A key campaign element was a “No Zone” concept that didn’t prompt broad recognition or resonance for target audiences.


Rebranding and Reinvigorating a Public Safety Campaign

The Yes& team worked with FMCSA to propose and adopt a new campaign name of Our Roads, Our Safety to reflect the broad and inclusive safety focus that encompasses all road users.

We also rejuvenated the creative campaign elements, using infographics and compelling safety imagery to quickly convey and drive home key messages, and worked with FMCSA to increase campaign reach and information dissemination.

Creative Campaign

A microsite includes shareable infographics and materials to help users spread safety messages. Strengthened outreach includes radio and digital PSAs, and out of home print and point of sale video ads (Gas Station TV Network).

We helped FMCSA expand outreach through initial partnerships with the American Trucking Association, American Bus Association, American Automobile Association, and American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association. A digital partner kit includes a full suite of campaign materials and creative ideas for dissemination.


Big Impact for Big Vehicle Awareness and Understanding

In the first year of the revitalized campaign:

  • Billboards achieved 70,500,000 estimated monthly impressions - $418,685 in estimated donated media.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles video PSAs in 5 target states reached consumers in 49 locations, with a donated value of $58,800.

  • Gas Station TV Ads in 10 target states yielded 423,105 impressions.

  • Bikeshare kiosk posters in Washington, DC, Chicago, and Boston garnered more than 7.5 million impressions.

  • Digital ads achieved 9.87 million impressions and nearly 55,000 clicks.