How Do You Keep an Experience Fresh for an Audience That’s “Seen It All?”

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America’s members look forward to their annual convention all year. This is a hard-working group that sees the convention as a chance to learn, to grow their business, and to network. They expect to be thoroughly engaged—and they expect their event experience to bring them together as a tight-knit family.

Our collaboration with MCAA has spanned a decade and each year, the attendees’ expectations are higher. They once sought a “wow!” Today they ask, “what next?” The members demand value. They need an experience that justifies their commitment of time and money.


A Quest and A Hero

Each year, we understand and embrace the challenge as more than creating an event--we’re creating a brand experience that begins from the first engagement and carries through the entire show. Every touchpoint along the way is shaped to reinforce a key message: The MCAA Annual Convention is essential to members’ business success. The story unfolds through pre-event marketing, set and lighting design, video, and the on-site brand activation.

A Reason to Believe

The brand begins with creating a compelling reason to return to the MCAA Annual Convention, or to attend for the first time. Each year, we establish a personal quest—a reason for each attendee to believe. Through each year’s brand, we position the convention as the conduit to success: What you’ll see there, what you’ll hear there, who you’ll meet there, and what you’ll learn there are all essential to your business. That message carries through the logo, website, and marketing materials.

Putting it Together

Once the brand experience has begun, every step along the journey becomes a proof point. What began on paper and pixels continues to the stage and screen.

Every Quest Needs a Hero

In the last ten years, we’ve positioned each MCAA president as the embodiment of the brand—the proof that the quest has its rewards. With the president at the center, each event has its own personality, and each year a legend is born.


True Belief

MCAA and its subsidiary, MSCA have enjoyed an annual bump in attendance since our partnership began. Each year’s MCAA president feels like a star. And, what we’re proudest of: Thousands of attendees personally thank our client each year for an event they found meaningful, enjoyable, and every bit worth the journey.