Fast-Growing Credit Union With A Shifting Audience Demographic

As the 3rd-largest credit union in Virginia, Northwest Federal Credit Union has a fast-growing member base whose demographic is shifting to include more millennials who are accustomed to banking with organizations with cutting edge digital offerings. Northwest Federal decided to enhance its websites to appeal to a more digitally savvy audience.

Of the many issues to consider, the variety of users who would be interacting with the websites was a major consideration when designing the interface. Northwest Federal has both consumer and business audiences, and reaches many demographics, from young professionals to those nearing retirement. Because of this, we needed to structure flexible page templates that maintain consistency while allowing a wide variety of content to be displayed.


Focus on the Customer Experience.

Carousel30 began working on a plan with Northwest Federal Credit Union and its subsidiaries in late 2015.


Provide A Great Design, Solid Platform and Great UX

Our recommendation of the Drupal CMS was accepted and we worked with the organization to design a website that allows the flexibility for each brand to utilize its distinct branding, while maintaining brand and UX consistency across the entities. We also created a system with easy to maintain rate information across pages on the site, an account login, and responsive design that allows all content to be displayed in an optimal way on smartphones and tablets.