Standing Out in a Crowded and Competitive Housing Market.

Dozens of developers build thousands of homes in Northern Virginia each year, many of which are similar products at similar price points. Differentiation may be difficult, which makes visibility absolutely critical.


Roadmap the Customer Journey

Yes& needed to create an approach that would build awareness of the Van Metre Homes brand and their individual communities, increase traffic to the community landing pages, and drive conversions for prospective homebuyers to schedule a model home tour or visit a sales center. Such a journey requires a map. In this case, a Roadmap.

We began with a technical and content SEO audit, improving the site ranking and driving more organic traffic. Using data from the content audit, a content marketing strategy engaged prospects with Van Metre and drove potential homebuyers to the website and community pages.

To reach new audiences, Yes& used a combination of paid search, ad retargeting, Facebook advertising and the Zillow ad network. Refined targeting, multiple audience segments, and customized messaging meant campaigns were designed and delivered to the right buyer personas, in the right place, and at the right stage along the home buying journey.

Custom reporting dashboards measured campaign performance in real-time, and campaigns were continuously optimized based on data analysis.


Proven Return

$17.6 Million in attributable sales revenue with 1,350% ROI.