Create a cutting-edge design to drive business and extend reach to prospective customers and employees

RGP website was last redesigned in 2013. Since then, the company has undergone a tremendous amount of growth worldwide.

RGP needed a website that was evolving alongside their company. Since the 2013 redesign, the site had been managed with very limited resources that focused only on updating content.

The design patterns and website theming were outdated and not immediately impressionable. In addition, the website was extremely hard to navigate and employed an ineffective site map, making it difficult for users to easily find the content they needed.

Aside from addressing these outward facing and user-experience aspects, the organization wanted to ensure that they invested in a reliable website content management (CMS) platform that they could use in the future as the company continues to undergo growth around the world.


Establish trust and intuitive navigation

Site and Content Audit

In order to provide users with a great web experience, it was essential that we anticipate their needs and put forth relevant information on each page. We created different user personas and journeys to identify the various ways users engaged with the website. This information allowed us to customize the site structure based on each user’s unique informational needs.

Wire-framing and Prototyping

Wireframes were used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content components were added. Once the wireframes were established, we took the client's new brand guidelines and visual system and translated them into a website theme.

UI and UX is everything your audience sees and engages with.

What began on paper and pixels was brought to the screen.

Comprehensive Control Back in the Hands of the Client

We integrated our custom web development with WordPress as our CMS to put comprehensive control back in the hands of the client and lower the total cost of ownership for the organization.


More traffic and new opportunities for growth.

This new content structure provides all the information that the RGP team and its website users need to be successful. Making the website a sales tool, and not just a fancy digital business card has already proven to be a worthwhile investment and we anticipate a continued upward trajectory.

Since the launch of the new website in June 2019, RGP has already seen an increase in traffic by 3x from the 6 months prior. This substantial improvement in engagement and interest has been seen not only externally but internally among the RGP team managing the website, as well. In a short time, RGP can tote 57,000+ site visits, 37,000+ unique user visits, and 532+ companies driven to the site.

Thank You!

Let's hear from Meredyth Jensen, the RGP Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Brand Communications, herself on her experience with Yes& and the results she has already seen just a few months since launch.