How Do You Move An Audience of Washington Insiders and Team Devotees?

The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation has a worthwhile mission: to tap into the power of baseball to improve the lives of DC-area youth. The baseball team’s primary fundraiser, the Dream Gala, enriches children’s experience through education, health and recreation.

Washington DC is no stranger to philanthropy (or sports) and it seems that every weekend some charitable organization or local team holds an event for a noble cause. Dream Gala attendees are eager to support the team. But how do we make the Dream Foundation’s efforts stand out from the on-field success? How do we reach an audience of baseball fans so that they understand that baseball’s power extends so far beyond the diamond?

Since 2007, Yes& has helped make each annual event distinctive and memorable — through video, stagecraft, showmanship and above all, fun -- we’ve teamed with the Nationals to provide an event that demonstrates the team’s true impact.


Power Beyond the Diamond

Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, Max Scherzer. They’re the faces of the team. We put the faces to the cause. Each Dream Gala, we introduce the audience to the kids whose lives will be made better by their support. We harness the on-field achievements and the players’ celebrity to shift attention to the very real difference the Dream Foundation is making.

The story is simple: The Nationals are achieving on the field and the Nationals Dream Foundation is achieving in for District. While the players are the draw...and we share their success with the audience, the true purpose of the evening is to support the children. Their stories come to life through the show.


Enabling Even More Power

In the ten years we have produced the Dream Gala, attendance has increased by 50% and we’ve seen the evening’s giving triple. The live auction has garnered higher bids each year, and the buzz has been tremendous.

What once was another philanthropic evening in DC has become a go-to event in support of a worthy cause.