Technology for a Cause

As the largest independent regulator of securities firms doing business in the US, FINRA makes sure the industry operates fairly and honestly. And to do so, they employee cutting-edge technology to protect the American investor.

Trouble is, the top technology minds don’t necessarily think of FINRA as the go-to spot for innovation. So, how does FINRA capture the attention and imagination of would-be Googlers, Microsofties, or Amazonians?

We worked with the FINRA Technology team to capture the dynamic and innovative work they do for a noble cause.


An Innovative Meeting of the Minds

We met with the FINRA technologists in a room around a table. And they were great.

They are clearly a passionate team who believe very much in what they do. So, we aimed to capture the energy of that collaboration by putting them together and letting the conversation take form. We captured them in a more natural habitat. After all, this is a group that works in scrums.