Promoting the Advantage of a Thriving Area

With a perception that Allegheny County represented Big Steel and a bygone era, the Yes& team and Allegheny County worked together to discover, define and create a brand that reflected the innovation and growth in Allegheny County, while paying homage to its industrial roots.


Defining a County’s Brand

To start, we developed a new logo that evokes the region’s diversity and the tagline, “Always Inspiring,” that reflects the spirit of constant innovation and evolution of the county.

The accompanying new website provided a world-class online experience in a platform that could be updated by Allegheny County staff directly, without relying on web specialists. The site provided a foundation to support the county’s ongoing growth.

To improve the user experience, the website’s “How Do I…” function allows visitors to find answers to commonly-asked questions that are context specific. A mobile-friendly EPiSERVER/Ektron CMS provided Allegheny County a familiar platform to manage content flexibly, allowing specific editing where needed, and global updates elsewhere.


An Informative and Easily Navigated Website

The “Always Inspiring” brand launched to much success and was rolled out across all of Allegheny’s marketing and communication channels.

It has unified the County’s programs, initiatives and departments with a common message.

The website won the Silver 2016 Summit Creative Award.