Marketing a Product that Most People Had Already Decided They Didn’t Need

Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) seeks to close the flood insurance gap and create more resilient communities nationwide. 

It’s no surprise that states like Florida, Texas, and Louisiana often experience significant flooding as a result of heightened hurricane activity. However, only about 20 percent of residents in these states have flood insurance.


Many people in this region have decided that flood damage is a risk they’re willing to take, and insurance isn’t worth it.


Coming off the most active hurricane season on record in 2020, we needed a new plan of attack if we were to succeed in expanding the number of new flood insurance policies in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.


Evoking a Sense of Pride in the Life They’ve Built in Their Communities

Research and literature suggest that pride is one of the few emotions that leads to better long-term decision-making. 

By celebrating the homes, lives, and communities that people in these states have worked so hard to build and sustain – we’re better able to position flood insurance as a wise solution for protecting those homes, lives, and communities.

We worked with local artists and talent in each of the three states to create original artwork and visuals that conveyed the unique look-and-feel of each region – distributing eye-catching content and advertising under a campaign theme that encouraged local residents to “Protect Your Corner of the World with Flood Insurance.” 


Driving Awareness, Interest, and Action through an Integrated Marketing Campaign

We deployed an integrated, multi-channel campaign targeting residents of these three states with video, audio, digital, and social media resources in English and Spanish, along with an earned media tour.

Three distinct websites were created that featured campaign elements and catered to residents in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

Across the three states, we targeted messages to new potential policyholders, driving them to take well-informed actions such as determining their flood risk, learning about coverage options, and contacting a flood insurance agent/provider.

Leading up to the 2021 hurricane season in June, we kicked off efforts with a radio media tour, resulting in 12 radio interviews across Florida, Texas, and Louisiana featuring David Maurstad, senior executive of NFIP, along with a national interview on NBC News Radio. These radio interviews were supplemented by an audio news release — disseminated in English and Spanish— throughout Florida, Texas, and Louisiana radio networks. 

Overall efforts for the earned media tour resulted in more than 11.9 million listeners with more than 1,900 stations distributing messages to listeners around the importance of determining their flood risk. 

In only the first three weeks of the campaign, the campaign websites received more than 92,000 visits and 122 million media impressions via a mix of advertising through video, digital, and broadcast radio channels, and paid-search advertising. The full, integrated campaign launched later in the month across a range of high-impact media properties including CNN, ESPN, USA Today, The Weather Channel, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and The New York Times.