Sharing NFWF’s Environmental Efforts

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) supports conservation efforts in all 50 states and U.S. territories. NFWF’s grants go to large and small environmental organizations, funding more than 17,250 projects to date.

NFWF wanted to draw attention to its Long Island Sound Futures Fund (LISFF) grantees by means of a press event in Bridgeport, Connecticut. ButLong Island Sound and Bridgeport lie adjacent to the most saturated media market in the country. How could the organization break thorough with its positive environmental story, and generate significant media coverage?


Media Pitching. Calls, Calls, Calls

It was clear that ordinary media relations tactics, no matter how well executed, were not going to be enough.  So when Yes& was engaged to support the Long Island Sound Futures Fund Grant Announcement, we knew we needed some new angles.

We capitalized on the fact that it was the 15 year anniversary of the LISFF, demonstrating that NFWF had shepherded $3 million annually for protection of the Sound.

When Senator Blumenthal and Congress approved new EPA Long Island Sound funding for NFWF, we leveraged how this represented a win-win for Congress and the EPA even in today’s fraught political landscape.

By emphasizing that more than 15 million people live, work, and play along the shores of the Sound (along with some vigorous pitching of the AP Hartford bureau) we landed the Associated Press.

The press event went off without a hitch—and the media was there in force. 


Spreading the Message, Exceeding the Goal

In the end, the Associated Press, News12-TV, WSHU-Public Radio, The Connecticut Posts and 36 other news outlets covered the event and shared the story.

Yes& was able to achieve over 41 million media impressions on behalf of the National Fish and Wildlife Federation.