Destination and Cost Drive Carrier Choice

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (USDOT FMCSA) partners with and regulates the commercial truck and bus industry.

Along with education and resources for industry, FMCSA strives to help the public take action to protect themselves.

While bus travel is, overall, one of the safest ways to go, unscrupulous bus operators or unqualified drivers can put passengers at risk. Travel planners and bus travelers are often unaware that all bus companies are not alike - and typically don’t know how to research bus safety.


Branding to Boost Awareness

The original campaign featured solid information - but lacked a distinctive brand. Yes& implemented an appealing vintage travel poster creative treatment, evoking the nostalgic appeal of a great American road trip.

We then worked with FMCSA to strengthen outreach to travel planners serving key bus travel segments, and focused on college-age youth who frequently charter or book buses.

Campaign Refresh

A travel association sponsorship package reaches planners through articles, an email campaign, conference presentations, and social content.

Online Toolkits

A redesigned campaign website and collateral includes a series of online toolkits for planners serving youth and student travelers, seniors, and faith-based travelers, facilitating broad dissemination of brochures, tips sheets, articles and other resources.

"Bring It"

Youth outreach used a “Bring It” theme and emphasized digital and social, with a video and varied digital assets and ads, social posts, and a poster series featured on campus kiosks in states with the highest bus crash incidence.


Boosting Dissemination and Awareness

  • In 2017, three months of youth-targeted outreach (March-May) delivered more than 6 million impressions, nearly 33,000 clicks, and almost 159,000 video views.

  • The travel planner sponsorship delivered presentations to planners at 6 national conferences and 30 Travel Talks in cities across the country; nearly 2.9 million banner ad impressions; exposure to more than 76,000 unique web visitors; and 28,920 conference app ad views.