Helping Consumers Avoid Moving Scam

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (USDOT FMSCA) partners with and regulates the commercial truck and bus industry.

Along with education and resources for industry, FMCSA strives to help the public take action to protect themselves.

While most interstate moving companies are honest businesses, unscrupulous brokers and movers hold household goods hostage for exorbitant charges, or steal valuables. Too-good-to-be true pricing, fake positive ratings and other tactics target older adults, military personnel, and other vulnerable audiences.


Protect Your Move

To reinvigorate the existing campaign, the Yes& team developed a new creative strategy and strengthened outreach efforts to bring greater public focus on the problem of moving fraud, and better reach audiences:

  • Powerful creative features a teddy bear to evoke the emotional impact of moving losses.

  • Two video PSAs and companion collateral help spread awareness and education.

We also helped develop key partnerships, and expanded media outreach to yield significant national coverage during summer’s peak moving season.

User-Friendly Microsite

A new, user-friendly microsite provides tips, information and resources to let consumers easily learn and take action to avoid moving fraud.


Significant Media Coverage and Expanded Audience Reach

  • 120,000 unique microsite visitors had more than 400,000 page views in 175,000 sessions, with a 44.48% conversion rate.

  • Digital outreach yielded nearly 8 million impressions and 53,000 clicks.

  • Over 26 weeks, video PSAs aired more than 10,400 times on all major networks and varied cable stations - for an estimated 114 million impressions and ae equivalency of $2.5 million.

  • Out of home placements delivered nearly 170 thousand impressions monthly, through the equivalent of $517,370 of typical paid ad space for an investment of only $60,000.

  • Moving fraud articles appeared in partner AARP’s Bulletin - with an audience of 29 million; and partner National Association of Realtors ran a article and a feature article in Realtor Magazine.