Unify a $300M Federal Enterprise to Sustain Business Growth

As a result of OPM’s 2010 reorganization, several professional services groups were merged to create the Human Resources Solutions (HRS) organization. Over the next several years, HRS experienced tremendous growth across its many legacy offerings and organizations, such as USA Staffing, USA Learning, and the Federal Executive Institute (FEI). While HRS was establishing itself as a key competitor in the Federal HR marketplace, the organization hadn’t communicated a unified brand that conveyed its unique mission, vision, and values to employees, customers, and stakeholders. In order to sustain growth in the long term, OPM needed to shift the focus of its outreach toward new customers. This required influencing perceptions among federal leaders responsible for making decisions about the procurement of human capital management products and services.

OPM partnered with Yes& to provide a combination of branding, marketing, and business development services to:

  • Discover the HRS brand, while considering previously established branding and current brands that are already in place.

  • Develop, in collaboration with HRS subject matter experts, an understanding of HRS and its subordinate offices’ missions, responsibilities, activities, organization, and locations.

  • Create comprehensive communications, outreach, and metrics plans along with an approach for tactical implementation, that needs to be periodically evaluated as the marketplace shifts focus.

  • Establish and develop a corporate brand and related outreach strategies that speak to both internal and external stakeholders.


A Branded House Approach for Maximum Impact

Yes& conducted an initial market research study comprising a materials and communications audit, customer and prospect interviews, and a competitive analysis. The market research provided insight on audience perceptions of the HRS brand and identified gaps in communications to inform and educate audiences on the total value of HR Solutions.

Using findings from the market research, we developed a branded house approach to communicate the value and benefits of HRS’ comprehensive capabilities across the HR lifecycle. This approach provided a single platform for communicating HRS’ integrated, across-the-board solutions in a clear, consistent manner to increase brand awareness and enhance customer consideration and preference for the organization’s products and services.

We subsequently developed annual $1M enterprise-wide strategic communications plans (each year during the 5-year period of performance) to set the direction for achieving HR Solution’s organizational and practice-level marketing and business development objectives. The plans and outreach strategies evolved each year to reflect the progress made in increasing brand familiarity, generating awareness of the organization’s offerings, and supporting sales opportunities.

In addition to the developing the plan, Yes& also provided professional services to achieve HRS’ mission goals, including:

  • Strategic consulting

  • Market research

  • Media relations

  • Business development

  • Media planning and buying

  • Event planning and management

These integrated marketing solutions developed for HRSincluded:

  • Print, digital banner, and radio ads

  • Targeted email campaigns

  • Live webinars and viewcasts

  • Brochures and white papers

  • Exhibit booths and signage

  • Conference sponsorships

  • Speaking opportunities

  • TV media interviews

  • Informational videos

  • Web enhancements

  • Messaging and graphics


Increased Brand Familiarity, While Generating $50M Revenue

The marketing campaign and outreach efforts conducted by Yes& produced substantial results for OPM. Over the five-year period, HRS’ brand familiarity increased from “negligible” to 82 percent among federal audiences, supported by more than 10 million points of contacts (or “touches”) with potential customers. Aside from open and click-through rates that exceeded industry standards for email and website initiatives, digital banner advertising produced more than 500,000 impressions on 9 commercial and federal websites and more than 2.5 million impressions for all purchased websites. These efforts contributed to increasing HRS’ website traffic, driving close to 1 million total user sessions and nearly 500,000 first-time visitors.

By combining our marketing and business development strategies, Yes& was able to help HRS generate more than 500 new prospective contacts and 250 qualified leads, accounting for an estimated $250 million in the new business opportunities and an estimated $50M in total revenue. Throughout the five-year period of performance, we remained on schedule and on budget for more than 90 percent of the tasks assigned and successfully delivered quantifiable results that directly contribute to OPM’s bottom-line success.