Capturing the Power of Community Support to Rebuild Families and Lives

Profound and life-changing injury and illness often drive individuals and families to “the paper thin line between achievement and collapse.” The challenges can be particularly brutal for military families, who are often far from extended family, and not integrated within the civilian community due to frequent career moves.

Easter Seals has a century’s worth of history changing lives for the better. Trouble is, many people have only a vague idea of what they do. Easter Seals needed to convey the impact they have on children, seniors, veterans and their families in a way that’s personal and meaningful.


Hope in a Hopeless Time

Through moving stories of three veteran and military families, viewers gain understanding of the devastating impacts of severe medical issues…and a glimpse into how a broad spectrum of Easter Seals services – from child and respite care, to employment training – empower families with hope, strength, and the skills to adapt and succeed.

The video debuted at Easter Seals Serving DC, MD and VA’s annual Advocacy Awards. The reaction was audible and led to opened eyes, open hearts and, as important, open wallets.