Changing behavior on America’s roads: Driving safely around large trucks and buses

It is the mission the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) to reduce crashes and fatalities involving large trucks and buses. Unsafe behaviors by passenger car drivers and other road users can be a major contributing factor.

Large trucks and buses have unique challenges on our roadways. Awareness of the long stopping distances, wide turns, and large blind spots common to large trucks and buses is a first step in driving simple behavioral changes.

FMCSA needed to get the word out on how to drive, walk, and bicycle around large trucks and buses in a way that would help change behaviors—and save lives.


"The Voices of Safety" campaign

Human beings don’t always change behavior because of statistics or imperatives—but they do respond to the authenticity and emotion of individual personal stories. 

Our approach with the Voices of Safety campaign was to introduce three key voices—a truck driver, bus driver, and passenger vehicle driver—to personalize and humanize the campaign’s safety messages. The individuals shared their personal experiences, helping drivers understand that their behaviors impact the lives of other people on the road. Later messages were delivered by other voices of safety including a driver education instructor, a driving student, an FMCSA transportation specialist, a motorcycle instructor and driver, a safety inspector, and a truck fleet owner. This variety of voices was designed to show that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

We implemented a national, integrated PSA campaign that included a digital campaign with video and radio components, out-of-home, dedicated webpages and Facebook content, and coordinated media outreach.



Enormous reach. Broader awareness. Big metrics.

The 2019 Voices of Safety campaign achieved an overall estimated reach of more than 573 million impressions and $8.1 million in ad equivalency. Among the results were 116,000 clicks to the website from digital marketing, 66,000 PSA airings on broadcast radio, 17,000 airings on broadcast television, and 36 million impressions from 75 out-of-home placements. Earned media added 3.6 million impressions from local and trade media coverage.